Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Talented Europe?
    Talented Europe is a project with a multiplatform application, an online/onphone ‘app’ which aims to match top students to job and internship opportunities across Europe. It enables talented students and companies from all continents to connect with each other on a professional level.
  2. What type of professional connections does the Talented Europe platform offer?
    Using the platform advanced students are able to find more easily their suitable internship or work placements.
  3. Who can participate in Talented Europe?
    The participators are to be students, educational institutions and companies from all continents.
  4. How does the Talented Europe platform function for students?
    1. A student is looking for a job and joins Talented Europe ( and asks his university to validate his profile.
    2. The student’s university receives a notification. A professor reviews his/her academic performance and validates that s/he is able to join the ranks of the elite students of Talented Europe.
    3. A business registered on the Talented Europe platform finds the student’s CV and contact him/her for an interview. Also, alternatively, a student can directly apply for the job offered by the company. S/he receives a notification on the mobile app or the website, and books a meeting with them.
  5. How does the Talented Europe platform function for institutions?
    1. A student is looking for a job and joins Talented Europe ( There s/he asks his professors to confirm his talents, in order to have more information to provide for the companies.
    2. Professors assess the student’s abilities, confirming the skills and knowledge that may be of benefit to the company.
    3. Thanks to the references and evaluations by professors, companies can obtain reliable and quality information about the students, which will improve the selection process.
  6. How does the Talented Europe platform function for companies?
    1. A company executive recognizes a need for an intern or starter with particular skills. Joins Talented Europe ( and posts job requirements.
    2. Company executive can also scan the Talented Europe database for students with the necessary skills.
    3. Company executive finds appropriate students’ CV and contacts them via the mobile app or the website to arrange an interview, either in person or online.
  7. Who arranges the documentation?
    Once the internship or job is arranged through the Talented Europe platform the student and the company are to handle any necessary documentation.